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     EEBD (Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device) RESCUE-AIR L15:



    EEBD (Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device) is a device that is used to evacuate with safety, a dangerous enviroment that lacks normal breathing conditions caused by smoke from fire, gas leaks etc.

    The Lalizas Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD), complies with the amended SOLAS ch.II-2 and the IMO MSC/Circ.849. All vessels on international routes must carry EEBD’s on board.

    LALIZAS approved EEBD carries the following characteristics:

    ·        Flame resistant materials, silver in colour to reflect heat and be highly visible

    ·        Durable and reliable construction with low maintenance

    ·        Full-face hood fits all persons

    ·        Steady air-flow for 15 minutes with sufficient air delivery rate

    ·        Easy visual access on the pressure gauge

    ·        Working temperature range: -10oC to 65oC

    ·        Easy to refill cylinder - no adaptor required

    ·        Approved to SOLAS Chapter II - 2 and MSC/Circ.849 & designed to meet ΕΝ1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008)




    Image 1
    - Shock proof - antiblast pressure gauge
    - Coloured so as to have easy readings for duration - over pressure - internal pressure of the cylinder

    Image 2
    - Hood with orinasal mask
    - Flame retardant materials
    - Ozone resistant - non irritant neck seal
    - Wide visor
    - Orinasals mask fits all face profiles
    - Non irritant
    - Antimisting design for the visor

    Image 3
    - Automatic activating valve - regulator
    - Valve features G 5/8”F standard charging connector
    - Pull valve safety lock




     Using Instruction





     LALIZAS SOLAS / MED Self Contained Breathing Apparatus:   





    The LALIZAS SOLAS/MED Self Contained Breathing Apparatus is a high-performance industrial breathing apparatus, designed to offer maximum respiratory protection to the user during entrance or escape from a hazardous environment. This SOLAS/MED -approved SCBA offers reliability and comfort and its key features are:

    ·        open circuit on demand positive pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

    ·        anatomic carbon fibers composite material back frame with harness for perfect and easy donning

    ·        both back frame and harness are flame retardant, waterproof and antistatic

    ·        with warning whistle providing a continuous sound of high intensity (>90Db) warning the user that the air is dropping down

    ·        packed in heavy duty plastic carrying suitcase


    The SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) contains the following parts:

    ·        Breathing apparatus carrier with harness

    ·        Pressure regulator with gauge & whistle

    ·        Pressure & air flow regulator

    ·        Breathing apparatus facemask

    ·        Compressed air cylinder

    ·        Compressed air cylinder valve, 300bar



    ADVISOR - Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device:


    The Regulations

    The Emergency Breathing Devices (EEBD) are intended for use on board ships and need to meet the SOLAS Chap. II-2 and IMO MSC / Circ.849, which specify basic operational and marking requirements and the minimum number of EEBDs in each area. Additionally, each Flag Administration may require more EEBDs in some areas as well as the number of training EEBDs and/or spares.
    Lalizas EEBD has been designed to meet the ΕΝ1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008) standard. The EEBD is covered by the 96/98 Marine Directive and bears the steering wheel mark.



    The EEBD is to be used only for ESCAPE from or through a compartment that has a hazardous atmosphere. It should not be used for firefighting, entering oxygen deficient voids or tanks, diving or for the whole duration of a shift.


    Instructions of Use

    In order to avoid accidental activation during shipment, the equipment as supplied by Lalizas is “not ready for use”. Before you place it in its storage position, you should first set it on a “ready for use” position, as described in the “Instructions for Use & Maintenance” provided with the product. At the time of emergency wear the EEBD, activate it by pulling the “pull strap” of the bag, wear the hood and evacuate the problem area as soon as possible within the next 15 minutes. Remember you have 15 minutes of air supply that starts to flow as soon as you pull the strap of the bag and not when you wear the hood.


    Storage / Maintenance

    When stored, the EEBD should be suitably protected from environmental factors in such a way so that you have clear visibility of the gauge dial. Lalizas offers you a suitable and convenient way to store your EEBDs. The EEBD should be maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions and only by a Lalizas authorised service station.









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