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    An immersion suit (or survival suit, or immersion survival suit), is a special type of waterproof dry suit that protects a person from hypothermia when immersed in cold waters, usually after abandoning a sinking or capsized vessel. The way actually an immersion suit works, is to maintain the body heat within the suit and keeping the user dry from the cold water. An immersion suit is designed to have a bright color in order to be highly visible from a long distance and to provide comfortable movement to the user in order to abandon safely the vessel. This type of immersion suits are worn in emergencies and every crew member needs to own one in the appropriate size. Furthermore, emergency drills need to occur often within the vessel in order the crew members to be agile and get in their immersion suits quickly.





     Immersion suit insulated Neptune:

     FOS LED 12 Poppa 135ο



    It is well known that a person’s chances of survival when immersed in water are improved only by the ability to remain dry and maintain the body temperature at a comfortable level. LALIZAS has designed it’s Immersion suit to protect you in situations where the danger of hypothermia is great, thereby greatly increasing your chances of survival. 

    The LALIZAS Immersion suit is made of reinforced neoprene and incorporates a face seal and flap, 3 fingered gloves, front waterproof zipper, ankle cuffs, neoprene pocket and retro-reflective tape. All these features have been designed to protect you against cold, without diminishing the freedom of movement. 

    Exceeding the latest SOLAS specifications for hypothermia protection, it is ideal use on board ferries, offshore drilling rigs, rescue boats, man-overboard boats and for general commercial use.



    Thermal Protective:

     Thermal Protective Aid Alusafe -T - LSA Code   

    One of the most developed designs in the field of thermal protection, the Lalizas «Alusafe-T» suit is constructed with aluminum film coated fabric, so as to protect the wearer from hypothermia, which may be caused by prolonged exposure in liferaft and rescue boats. 

    The low thermal conductivity of aluminum reduces both the convective and evaporative heat loss from the user’s body and preserves stable temperature. Survivor’s protection from wind and cold is warranted, as it covers the fully clad body wearing even a lifejacket. Moreover, «Alusafe-T» suit meets the ‘LSA Code’ requirements.



     ADVISOR - Immersion Suit::


    This immersion suit is to be worn with a lifejacket.

    COLOR: Red

    Universal Adult 
    WEIGHT: 55-95 Kg
    HEIGHT: 160 - 190 cm
    Xlarge Adult
    WEIGHT: 85 - 130 Kg  
    HEIGHT: max 205 cm

    Immersion Suit main Parts

    ·        Neoprene Fabric, 5 mm width with insulating properties

    ·        Water proof  Zipper

    ·        Retro - reflective tapes made by 3M , MED approved

    ·        Rubber or neoprene gloves

    ·        Light pocket for an approved solas light

    ·        Non - skid Sole

    ·        Bag


    INSPECTION TIMING of Immersion Suits

    Monthly inspections are suggested to be carried out by ship’s crew according to SOLAS regulation ΙΙΙ / 20.7. Every six months, the hanging of the immersion suit on a broad hanger is recommended for at least 48 hours. This is to enable any moisture inside the suit to dry out. The zippers should also be lubricated at least once a year or whenever the chain feels dry and the sliding force is up. For frequently used suit, lubrication should be repeated apx. every 10 uses.



    In an emergency there is no time to learn how equipment works. Therefore it would be sensible that the user practices beforehand, in order to become familiar with the use and features of the Immersion suit. Monthly practice should reduce the donning time from minutes to seconds.

    Enter water feet first while protecting your airways with your hands.


    Lalizas recommends that all immersion suits be fully and thoroughly inspected by a Lalizas authorized service station at intervals of not exceeding three years, or more frequently for suits over ten years of age. Contact your Flag Administration for further advice.

    Please contact LALIZAS for a list of authorized service stations.









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