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    An important and necessary part of safety equipment onboard a boat, especially commercial vessels, is signage. Lalizas International Standard Signs can be used for indicating exits, directions, firefighting and life-saving equipment for the purpose of safe evacuation during emergencies and power failures. Lalizas produces in-house all International Standard Signs for indicating all of the above with the addition of custom-made signs using the highest quality material, which meet all of the present IMO specifications, in order to meet specific requirements. Please note only coded items are

    Available in the UK.


    ·       IMO Symbols with text

    ·       IMO Symbols without text

    ·       Safety Signs

    ·       Direction Signs

    ·       Low Location Lighting Components

    ·       Transparent Signs

    ·       Fire Control Symbols to resolution A654

    ·       Fire Control Symbols to ISO17631

    ·       LSA Signs

    ·       Fire Signs

    ·       Mandatory Signs

    ·       Hazard Signs

    ·       Prohibition Signs

    ·       Combination Signs

    ·       Space Identification Signs

    ·       ISPS Code Signs

    ·       Galley Signs

    ·       Miscellaneous Signs

    ·       Accommodation Signs

    ·       Tie Tags

    ·       Signs for Passenger Vessels and

    ·       Terminal Building

    ·       Hazard Diamonds

    ·       Posters

    ·       Pipe Identification Tape


    To Download the IMO Sign Catalogue (LALIZAS), Send us request Email:info@setareh-sahabi.com








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