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    Lalizas Safety Harnesses and Lines are approved according to the ISO 12401:2009 European standard. As required by this standard all harnesses and lines have been put under dynamic and static strength tests, in order to establish their effectiveness in case of fall. These products are considered as means of personal safety according to the Directive 89/686 of the EU and therefore it is necessary to show the CE certification. Any product that does not carry the authentic approval CE is illegal and does not ensure your safety. Lalizas recommend that you buy only certified products even if it is not required by national laws.


    Donning: The safety harness is worn in such a way so as to fit comfortably but not loosely around the body. Depending on the type of harness the straps are worn around the shoulders or also around the legs as with a full harness. The safety lines are used by placing the hook on a secure point on the vessel, while the hook or hitch on the other end is placed on the D-ring of the Safety Harness. When securing a child it is obligatory that you use the hitch on the D-ring and not the hook.

    Function: The combination of safety harness and line can prevent any injury caused from fall. Even if you fall overboard the harness and line will keep you attached to the vessel, hence increasing your chances of being found and rescued.



     Life-Link Safety Harnesses CE ISO 12401:



    The Life-link safety harness is available in both adult and child sizes. It features a heavy duty stainless steel interlocking buckle and a D-ring and a fully adjustable black polyester waist webbing.

    Approved per the latest European standards ISO 12401:2009

    Adult Safety Harness fits chests 70cm to 150cm & >50 Kgr
    Child Safety Harness fits chests 60cm to 90cm & 20-50 Kgr



     Life-Link Safety Lines, CE ISO 12401:   

    The Life-link Safety Lines are available in single, double, double elastic and triple hook configurations and are all approved per ISO 12401:2009. Their double action hook design prevents accidental opening whilst still offering superb single handed operation. The hook is also fully approved per ISO 9227.



    Life-Link Jacklines::


    These Jacklines, otherwise called jack stays, will keep you securely on board without hindering your freedom of movement. Made of 25mm durable, UV-resistant Polyester strap, the ‘Life-link’ Jacklines feature two loops to attach it to the boat. Available in yellow colour and five sizes from 6m, to 10m.



    ADVISOR - Safety Harnesses Lines:


    Maintenance / Replacement

    Maintenance: Safety harnesses and lines should be used and stored properly in order to ensure proper operation at the time of an emergency. Such products should be kept away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Any contact with flame, sharp surfaces, oil, grease or sand may compromise the integrity and proper operation of the product. After each use safety harnesses and lines should be washed in clear water with temperature below 30oC.

    Replacement: Safety harnesses and lines should be replaced after a fall, even if no signs of damage are visible. Immediate replacement of the harnesses and lines is also necessary when they show signs of wear or damage such as loose or torn seams and clips.
    Safety Harnesses and Lines are especially designed to prevent very serious accidents and for this reason it is imperative that you wear certified and well maintained products.